My Story

I am primarily a Peripatetic Instrumental Music Teacher, that is I travel around schools delivering music lessons on Brass, Hand Drums and Ukulele instruments, so you could say that I'm a little bit 'Arty'.


The way that this little business came about is my eldest daughter Kym wanted a way to help fund her through College and after some research and a visit to a big Jewellery Show she invested some money and bought some ready made Ethnic style jewellery to take around to peoples homes and have fun with 'Jewellery Parties'.


After doing this for a while I got to looking at the way that these items were made and decided that we could have a go at making some by ourselves so, we bought some components and started making our own Jewellery to sell.


Eventually Kym found that she had no time to make and sell as well as her course work and working part-time so I said that I would take it on as a hobby.


Well that was a statement!!!  


As you can see I took it on and have expanded into bespoke Bridal headwear, neckwear and other bridal related items like beaded waist sashes and lace wrist decoration.


I now love attending Bridal Fayres and meeting and talking to all of the lovely prospective Brides and their friends and family about what I can do to enhance their Wedding themes and design individual items for them.